Mononuclear Phagocyte Biology &
Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation
For Students

If you are interested in our research areas or particular projects, there are plenty of oportunities for BSc, MSc or PhD candidates to join our lab. Please contact us directly to discuss possible projects, possibilities for funding and formal requirements.

Our Methods

If you join our lab, you will mainly use cell and molecular biology methods with a special focus on NGS-based methods, including

You'll have access to Illumina sequencing systems, single-cell analysis equipment (10X Genomics) as well as a MassARRAY System for genotyping and DNA methylation analyses. You will also have the opportunity to acquire the bioinformatics skills required to analyse your high-throughput data.

Open positions

deadline: open
Masters Thesis

We are always looking for motivated MSc students (Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, Biology, or similar) to join our team. At the moment we are particularly searching for candidates interested in chromatin biology and the interaction of transcription factors with chromatin.

Michael Rehli • Dept. Internal Medicine III • University Hospital
F.-J.-Strauss Allee 11 • 93053 Regensburg • Germany

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