Mononuclear Phagocyte Biology &
Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation
Sequence Motifs

Many DNA-binding factors recognise specific sequences of nucleotides (sequence motifs), which are frequently displayed as so-called position weight matrices (PWM). We are using computational approaches to find sequence motifs in short genomic intervals that show features of regulatory sequences (like transcription initiation, DNase hypersensitivity, transcription factor binding or the presence of particular epigenetic marks). This can be a powerful way to identify regulators that control cell type-specificity or cellular responses.

FANTOM5 data
The HOMER ENHANCER MOTIF DATABASE contains collections of sequence motifs enriched in human bidirectional CAGE enhancers as described in Andersen et al. 2014, Nature. The underlying CAGE data was produced at the RIKEN OSC as part of the international FANTOM consortium and is described in Forrest et al. 2014, Nature. HeliscopeCAGE for all hematopoietic cell types in the FANTOM5 atlas (Forrest et al. Nature 2014)

Enhancer Motifs

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