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Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation

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Minderjahn J, Fischer A, Maier K, Mendes K, Nuetzel M, Raithel J, Stanewsky H, Ackermann U, Månsson, R, Gebhard C & Rehli M. (2022). Postmitotic differentiation of human monocytes requires cohesin-structured chromatin. Nat. Commun. 11:402 [Open Access Article]
Gebhard C, Mulet-Lazaro R, Glatz D, Schwarzfischer-Pfeilschifter L, Schirmacher P, Gaedcke J, Weichert W, Reuschel E, Dietmaier W, Rehli M. (2021). Aberrant DNA methylation patterns in microsatellite stable human colorectal cancers define a new marker panel for the CpG island methylator phenotype. Int. J. Cancer 150:617-625 [Open Access Article]
Mendes K, Schmidhofer S, Minderjahn J, Glatz D, Kiesewetter C, Raithel J, Wimmer J, Gebhard C, Rehli M. (2021). The epigenetic pioneer EGR2 initiates DNA demethylation in differentiating monocytes at both stable and transient binding sites. Nat. Commun. 12:1556 [Open Access Article]
Minderjahn J, Schmidt A, Fuchs A, Schill R, Raithel J, Babina M, Schmidl C, Gebhard C, Schmidhofer S, Mendes K, Ratermann A, Glatz D, Nuetzel M, Edinger M, Hoffman P, Spang R, Laengst G, Imhof A & Rehli M. (2020). Mechanisms governing the pioneering and redistribution capabilities of the non-classical pioneer PU.1. Nat. Commun. 11:402 [Open Access Article]
Gebhard C, Glatz D, Schwarzfischer L, Wimmer J, Stasik S, Nuetzel M, Heudobler D, Andreesen R, Ehninger G, Thiede C, Rehli M. (2019). Profiling of aberrant DNA methylation in acute myeloid leukemia reveals subclasses of CG-rich regions with epigenetic or genetic association. Leukemia 33:26-36 [Abstract]
de Rie D, Abugessaisa I, Alam T, Arner E, Arner P, Ashoor H, Åström G, Babina M, Bertin N, Burroughs AM, Carlisle AJ, Daub CO, Detmar M, Deviatiiarov R, Fort A, Gebhard C, Goldowitz D, Guhl S, Ha TJ, Harshbarger J, Hasegawa A, Hashimoto K, Herlyn M, Heutink P, Hitchens KJ, Hon CC, Huang E, Ishizu Y, Kai C, Kasukawa T, Klinken P, Lassmann T, Lecellier CH, Lee W, Lizio M, Makeev V, Mathelier A, Medvedeva YA, Mejhert N, Mungall CJ, Noma S, Ohshima M, Okada-Hatakeyama M, Persson H, Rizzu P, Roudnicky F, Sætrom P, Sato H, Severin J, Shin JW, Swoboda RK, Tarui H, Toyoda H, Vitting-Seerup K, Winteringham L, Yamaguchi Y, Yasuzawa K, Yoneda M, Yumoto N, Zabierowski S, Zhang PG, Wells CA, Summers KM, Kawaji H, Sandelin A, Rehli M; FANTOM Consortium, Hayashizaki Y, Carninci P, Forrest ARR, de Hoon MJL. (2017). An integrated expression atlas of miRNAs and their promoters in human and mouse. Nat. Biotechnol. 35:872-878 [Abstract]
Schmidl C, Hansmann L, Lassmann T, Balwierz PJ, Kawaji H, Itoh M, Kawai J, Nagao-Sato S, Suzuki H, Andreesen R, Hayashizaki Y, Forrest ARR, Carninci P, Hoffmann P, Edinger M, Rehli M for the FANTOM consortium. (2014). The enhancer and promoter landscape of human regulatory and conventional T cell subpopulations. Blood 123:e68-e78 [Abstract]
Schmidl C, Renner K, Peter K, Eder R, Lassmann T, Balwierz PJ, Itoh M, Nagao-Sato S, Kawaji H, Carninci P, Suzuki H, Hayashizaki Y, Andreesen R, Hume DA, Hoffmann P, Forrest ARR, Kreutz MP, Edinger M, Rehli M. for the FANTOM consortium. (2014). Transcription and enhancer profiling in human monocyte subsets. Blood 123:e90-e99 [Abstract]
The FANTOM Consortium. (2014). A promoter level mammalian expression atlas. Nature 507, 462–470 [Abstract] (joint first authors: Forrest ARR, Kawaji H, Rehli M, Baillie JK)
Andersson R, Gebhard C, Miguel-Escalada I, Hoof I, Bornholdt J, Boyd M, Chen Y, Zhao X, Schmidl C, Suzuki T, Ntini E, Arner E, Valen E, Li K, Schwarzfischer L, Glatz D, Raithel J, Lilje B, Rapin N, Bagger FO, Jørgensen M, Andersen PR, Bertin N, Rackham O, Burroughs AM, Baillie JK, Ishizu Y, Shimizu Y, Furuhata E, Maeda S, Negishi Y, Mungall CJ, Meehan TF, Lassmann T, Itoh M, Kawaji H, Kondo N, Kawai J, Lennartsson A, Daub CO, Heutink P, Hume DA, Jensen TH, Suzuki H, Hayashizaki, Y, Müller, F, Forrest ARR, Carninci P, Rehli M, Sandelin A. (2014). An atlas of active enhancers across human cell types and tissues. Nature 507, 455–461 [Abstract] (joint first authors: Andersson R, Gebhard C; corresponding authors: Forrest ARR, Carninci P, Rehli M, Sandelin A.)
Klug M, Schmidhofer S, Gebhard C, Andreesen R, Rehli M. (2013) 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine is an essential intermediate of active DNA demethylation processes in primary human monocytes. Genome Biol. 14, R46. [Open Access Article]
Pham TH, Minderjahn J, Schmidl C, Hoffmeister H, Schmidhofer S, Chen W, Längst G, Benner C, Rehli, M (2013) Mechanisms of in-vivo binding site selection of the hematopoietic master transcription factor PU.1 Nucleic Acids Res. 41:6391-6402. [Open Access Article]
Pham TH, Benner C, Lichtinger M, Schwarzfischer L, Hu Y, Andreesen R, Chen W, Rehli M. (2012). Dynamic epigenetic enhancer signatures reveal key transcription factors associated with monocytic differentiation states. Blood 119, e161-71 [Abstract]
El Chartouni C, Schwarzfischer L, Rehli M. (2010). Interleukin-4 induced interferon regulatory factor (Irf) 4 participates in the regulation of alternative macrophage priming. Immunobiology 215, 821-825. [Abstract]
Klug M, Heinz S, Gebhard C, Schwarzfischer L, Krause SW, Andreesen R, Rehli M. (2010). Active DNA demethylation in human postmitotic cells correlates with activating histone modifications, but not transcription levels. Genome Biol. 11, R63. [Open Access Article]     Research Highlight in Nature 466, 163.
Gebhard C, Benner C, Ehrich M, Schwarzfischer L, Schilling E, Klug M, Dietmaier W, Thiede C, Holler E, Andreesen R, Rehli M (2010). General transcription factor binding at CpG islands in normal cells correlates with resistance to de novo DNA methylation in cancer cells. Cancer Res. 70, 1398-1407. [Abstract]
Schilling E, El Chartouni C, Rehli M. (2009). Allele-specific DNA methylation in mouse strains is mainly determined by cis-acting sequences. Genome Res. 19, 2028-35 [Abstract]
Schmidl C, Klug M, Boeld T, Andreesen R, Hoffmann P, Edinger M, Rehli M. (2009). Lineage-specific DNA methylation in T cells correlates with histone methylation and enhancer activity. Genome Res. 19, 1165-74. [Abstract]
Schilling E, Rehli M. (2007) Global, comparative analysis of tissue-specific promoter CpG methylation. Genomics 90, 314-23. [Abstract]
Klug M, Rehli M. (2006) Functional analysis of promoter CPG-methylation using a CpG-free luciferase reporter vector. Epigenetics 1, 127-130. [Abstract]
Gebhard C, Schwarzfischer L, Pham TH, Schilling E, Klug M, Andreesen R, Rehli M. (2006) Genome-wide profiling of CpG methylation identifies novel targets of aberrant hypermethylation in myeloid leukemia. Cancer Res. 66, 6118-6128. [Abstract]
Rehli M. (2002) Of mice and men: species variations of Toll-like receptor expression. Trends Immunol. 23, 375-378. [Abstract]
Rehli M, Poltorak A, Schwarzfischer L, Krause SW, Andreesen R, Beutler B. (2000) PU. 1 and interferon consensus sequence-binding protein regulate the myeloid expression of the human Toll-like receptor 4 gene. J. Biol. Chem. 275, 9773-9781. [Article]
Rehli M, Krause SW, Andreesen R. (1997) Molecular characterization of the gene for human cartilage gp-39 (CHI3L1), a member of the chitinase protein family and marker for late stages of macrophage differentiation. Genomics 43, 221-225. [Abstract]

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