Mononuclear Phagocyte Biology
Epigenetics of Cell Differentiation

Epigenetics & Gene Regulation

Although every cell in the human body shares an identical genome, most genes are only activated in certain cell types, at specific developmental stages, or upon stimulation. To organize and manage genetic information and to enable cellular specification, nature has evolved sophisticated mechanisms that facilitate the tightly controlled, accurate activation of genes.

Our laboratory is interested in the processes that orchestrate cell type-specific gene regulation during cellular differentiation. We study the interplay between transcription factors and epigenetic mechanisms (in particular DNA methylation) in regulating hematopoietic lineage specification and leukemia development.

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News (March 2021)

Karina's work on the transcription factor EGR2 and its function as epigenetic pioneer in monocytes got published in Nature Communications.

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News (Oct. 2021)

Claudia's and Roger's work on DNA hypermethylation signatures in colon cancer got published in the International Journal of Cancer.

NGS Core

Our group is running the Sequencing Core at the RCI. We offer a wide range of services for the local scientific community. This includes NGS library preparation from various materials and subsequent sequencing on the NextSeq 550 platform.

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